Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now if It Were Her 2nd Amendment Rights

Sarah Slamen is a young woman who showed the Texas legislature, and all of Texas, what it means to be a woman in Texas today. Ms. Slamen stood before the Texas Senate and told them exactly what she thought of them, giving them no wiggle room.
She called them on their dramas.
It was pretty eloquent, up to the point, that is, where she was hauled off by three very large DPS officers who were ordered to remove this person, who was merely exercising her 2nd Amendment rights.

Because in Texas, we take our 2nd Amendment rights right seriously, don't we? mean that the article of the bill of rights that deals with freedom of speech, thought and expression is not the 2nd Amendment? The way Texans have fits about preserving their 2nd Amendment rights, you'd think it was all about this most basic of human rights. But it's not, is it.
So Sarah Slamen got hauled off the podium for exercising her right to free speech, having not yelled "Fire" in a theater, and we don't get to hear what she had to say in her final minute of allotted freedom.
Now had it been her 2nd Amendment rights she was exercising, maybe the outcome would have been a little different.

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