Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In the News as Voters Go to the Polls In New Hampshire

We Americans love our news and as some of us go to the polls in New Hampshire to decide who the next Democratic and Republican nominee for President of the United States will be, I thought I would do a brief review of what we find in the news lately.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Posh Spice has made Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list. The top of it.

Said Mr. Blackwell of Posh, in a truly poetic review:

“Forget the fashion spice, wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty Posh can really wreck-em”

Not to be outdone by Posh’s headlines, singer Britney Spears’ car was towed as it was parked on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, California. Two hours later, Ms. Spears became involved in a fracas between a photographer and a security guard while attempting to visit a friend at a nearby upscale Four Seasons Hotel. The two stories are apparently unrelated. However, it was discovered that Ms. Spears abandoned the car, a Mercedes-Benz, that was blocking traffic on Sunset Boulevard after it had become the victim of a flat tire.

On the far side of the country, HBO actor Austin Nichols pleaded guilty to a DUI that he was charged with last August while he was vacationing with a family in Jackson, Michigan. Nichols' most recent television appearance was on HBO's John From Cincinnati,' which was canceled after its last episode a week before Nichols was arrested. His other acting credits include HBO's Deadwood,' and the TV shows Six Feet Under' and Pasadena.' He also appeared in the films Wimbledon' and The Day After Tomorrow.

Then in other fashion news, songstress Christina Aguilera was recently photographed in a rather tight-fitting dress as she made her way around hot spots in Santa Monica, California. Not normally newsy, this sighting comes just short days before she is scheduled to give birth to her reportedly male child by Caesarian Section. Aguilera is said to be deciding between three names for the newborn: Jackson, Jake and Max.

In other news, 1000 Michigan National Guard soldiers shipped out for their first tour of duty in Iraq. Of this episode in his life, 18-year old Private Jim M. Vilk said “I'm not really sure what to expect. It's going to be an experience.”

And lastly, according to a Reuters release “A roadside bomb killed one U.S. soldier and wounded three others when it struck their vehicle during a combat operation in southern Baghdad on Sunday, the U.S. military said. A U.S. soldier died after a roadside bomb exploded near his vehicle in Diyala Province on Saturday.”

To-date, according to various estimates, 3,910 soldiers from the United States have been killed in action in Iraq. From Britain, which has all but pulled out of the war, 174 have been killed, and 134 killed from other countries. Estimates of Iraqi Army killed since hostilities were halted between the US and Saddam’s Iraq are placed somewhere between 4,900 and 6,375. Iraqi civilians killed thus far in the war number between 80,330 and 87,741.

US out of Iraq. Now.

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