Friday, January 25, 2008

The Texas US Senatorial Campaign: Who's Running This Show?

Rick Casey writes some interesting stuff today about the Democratic senatorial race. Interesting if you want to see how the mainstream media are being pimped by a high school teacher who has a total campaign treasury of $9700.

To give them the credit they are due, the mainstream media are using the teacher from Corpus Christi, what’s-his-name McMurrey, every bit as much at the teacher is using them.

What the heck? What is so interesting about a Democratic senatorial race with a clear front-runner, a guy with the tools and talent to take it to the Republicans in November? How do you make that interesting for your readers?

Well, first, you jump to the defense to an unknown, underfunded challenger, that’s how

And then next, call Noriega a tyro. Call a state representative with 5 terms under his belt a political novice. Saaay, that’s the ticket. Say this:
"Is Houston state Rep. Rick Noriega ready for prime time? It's a long time until November, but some early missteps in the warm-up primary campaign suggest that Noriega needs to hone his skills before stepping on to the big stage.”
What? Noriega should “hone his skills” by swatting at gnats?

Since when do the media get to set the stage for a campaign? Since when do the mainstream media get on their white steeds and run a charge for a little-known, under funded, and under qualified private school teacher?

Face it, this McMurrey guy is simply running a spoiler campaign. He has absolutely no hope of being able to put together a credible campaign against John “I’ve Got $7.5 Million” Cornyn. You cannot, canNOT, run a senatorial campaign in Texas, a state with 5 separate major media markets, with $9700 and a campaign slogan that “I am not a politician”.

People who are not politicians should not run for political office.

All of these demands for Noriega to give respect to McMurrey fall on deaf ears here. Mainly because if you really look at it very, very hard, McMurrey is not the main threat to Noriega at the polls. His main opponent, sorry to say, is Gene Kelly. Hard to fathom, but true. Ignorance at the polls causes people in their advanced years to gravitate to a familiar name. Casey says it himself:

“He [Gene Kelly] won the Democratic nomination for the Texas Supreme Court in 1996 and for the U.S. Senate in 2000, and two years ago he forced Houston lawyer Barbara Radnofsky into a runoff for the Democratic nomination to challenge Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Kelly, 81, lives in Universal City, a suburb of San Antonio. Radnofsky thinks many voters confused that with Universal Studios”.

Actually, to give these Kelly voters credit that neither Casey nor Radnofsky seem to want to give them, there actually is a Universal City in California. And within it you will find Universal Studios, Universal Amphitheater, and the world famous Universal Studios Tour.

Gene Kelly just lives at the OTHER Universal City.

What also amazes me it that voters are completely ignorant of the fact that Gene Kelley, the singer/dancer/actor, not the retired Navy guy, was under contract at MGM, not Universal.


So should Rick Noriega debate this guy from Corpus Christi, the guy whose only campaign issue seems to be that he doesn’t get any respect?

No way.

Why not? Should he debate the man, Rick would immediately negate the guy’s plaintive whine to the news media, that he doesn’t get any consideration from the Noriega campaign.

And no one wants to completely rip the guy’s only issue to shreds.

Wouldn’t be fair, would it?

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