Thursday, January 17, 2008

News Bazaar (Bizarre) From Houston: DA Will Dismiss Arson Charges

Just when you think it’s safe to walk down the halls outside the Harris County District Attorney’s office. Now it appears that Harris County DA Chuck “Right Ear” Rosenthal has announced that newly indicted Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife, Francisca, were going to have all charges dropped against them.

The pair was indicted for the charge of arson. Apparently there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the recent fire that razed the residence of Justice Medina, and Justice Medina was accused of tampering with evidence. Not to mention the fact that this was the second such fire that occurred at the house, both of them having started in their garage.

Now, Rosenthal claims, there is not enough evidence to support prosecution of the charges, and they will be dropped.

There’s more on this, including Medina’s financial woes that raised suspicions of fire investigators who had discovered evidence of an “accelerant” at the fire scene.

Now I am not here to judge whether the Justice had his own home torched. Being on the bench in Texas is sometimes all some local yahoos need to get itchy cigarette lighter fingers. What I am here to observe is just how tainted the office of Harris County DA has become.

Already we are hearing about how Republicans in high places are covering for each other. Now I am not saying that THAT doesn’t happen from time to time, either. What I AM saying is that perhaps DA Rosenthal needs to consider taking a leave of absence. Anything he does, anything while he sits in that office, is going to be viewed with a jaundiced eye.

Last time I looked, Guadalajara was still looking mighty fine as a getaway/retirement Mecca (and no, there are no Muslims there that I am aware of, it’s just a figure of speech). Leases are still available, the golfing is great (they say) and there is a nice medical campus nearby.


We got any takers?


Anonymous said...

"Already we are hearing about how Republicans in high places are covering for each other." -Don't democrats in high and low places cover for each other? Why don't we abandon this game all together?

Hal said...

You could say that, and I believe you did, but the fact of the matter is that outside of a few enclaves, this state is dominated by Republicans. Texas has no state wide Democratic office holders. So when I point out the fact that Republicans in high places cover up for each other, while not even mentioning that Democrats do it in kind, that is literally true in Texas.

Prove me wrong. Elect Democrats.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying democrats don't cover up? Sounds like, get this, an EMPTY claim

. . . =- ]

Hal said...

Only Half. You can't be covering for your Democratic elected officials when there are none to cover for. Likewise, you can't point out the faulty campaign finance reports of Democratic statewide elected officials when ther are none of those, either.

If you want to have Democrat office holders to fire your slings and arrows at, first you have to have Democratic office holders.

Corollary: power corrupts but autocratic power corrupts autocratically.

Anonymous said...

no no! not autocratic: "auto-craddick"


Anonymous said...

What's going on with this thread?

Anonymous said...

Go Rick, Morrison.....