Friday, January 11, 2008

They’re Number One!

Tonight in Richmond, Texas we had the candidate drawing for the order of appearance on the March 4th Democratic primary ballot. I was going to attend the drawing myself, but Mexican food called so I wasn’t there. Instead I got a call from Richard Morrison with the news.

Richard Morrison will appear 1st on the list of 5 candidates for Fort Bend County Commissioner for Precinct 1. This, most people tell me, is an advantage. I don’t pretend to understand how that is an advantage because I always vote carefully and well, but I would imagine that there are lots of strategies to voting, and maybe voting for the first one on the list is one.

But wait, there’s more.

Richard says that he also drew for Rick Noriega, this drawing for the race for the US Senate nomination, and his luck held for Rick: Rick Noriega will also appear first among the Democrats who have filed for the chance to chase John Cornyn out of the US Senate.

That’s all he told me.

So are we happy tonight?

So far so good . . .


Anonymous said...

It is good that Richard won the draw. Statistically being first is long supported in the literature (primarily because so many people go to the polls uninformed).

BTW, what order is the list (complete)?

Hal said...

I agree. It seems a shame to get a vote like that, but as they say "a win is a win".

I think it is too soon to get a preview of what the ballot will look like. The county elections website has nothing right now but when they do it will be here

Anonymous said...

The meeting was not attened by many of the candidates. I was the only one of three contested Precinct chairs to attend. Even my opponent did not bother to come for the drawing so when I drew my number which was 2, that meant that my opponont who did not attend got first place. I am not whinning, that is the luck of the draw and I am a gambler at life messages.

Two other Precinct chairs positions are contested and NONE of them showed up. However only one of the races was drawn for position. The other was ignored by the Party Chair. Makes you wonder how efficient this all was.

As I was leaving a couple in a car pulled up asking if this the place for the meeting. I had to tell them that everyone but myself, Ms Bishop and Ms,Trujullo were still on the property and I was on my way home. Fortunately the gentleman was un-contested. However you wonder how many got the notices to register their contest and received the notice with the correct time and place to draw for position.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't give one much faith in the system when you look to closely. Smoke and mirrors (and electronic voting with no paper trail) is the order of the day.