Friday, January 18, 2008

Noriega Juggernaut Continues to Roll Up the Endorsements

Rick Noriega, coming off of what I heard was a Fabulous Fifties Birthday party – no there were no poodle skirts there, the man just passed by his half century lifetime milestone – the juggernaut that has become the Rick Noriega campaign continued to garner even more endorsements this week.

Getting the hearty endorsement of his colleague, State Rep Mark Strama (D - Austin) at his birthday party, Rick then set his sights on the Austin Area Democratic confab at the AFL-CIO Hall in downtown Austin where he was endorsed by five area groups: The South Austin Democrats, Capital Area Progressive Democrats, Texas Environmental Democrats of Austin, Capital Area Asian American Democrats, and Southwest Austin Democrats.

Noriega, pleased with these endorsements thanked them with the following:

“I'm honored to have the support of leading Austin groups who agree that Texas families have had enough of the failed leadership of Washington politicians. I believe we need a change of direction in Iraq and we need to bring the money we're spending over there home. It's wrong when insurance companies are making huge profits while Texas children don't have health care, families struggle to pay for college, and gas prices are skyrocketing. I promise to stand up for Texas families and Texas values and bring the change to Washington we need.”
The Texas Senatorial candidate continued his stay in the Austin area as the Texas AFL-CIO COPE convention gets underway at the Omni South Park Hotel in Austin this weekend.

Can you feel it? The momentum? It continues to build past those heady days of Rick Noriega’s initial boost by the Netroots.

This is where it gets real.

UPDATE: I have just learned that the Capitol City Young Democrats, who were also present at the Democratic confab this week, will not be releasing their endorsement until the 7th of February.


Anonymous said...

Rick IS the type of candidate the community needs and I want to wish him good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is good news.