Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jesus + Cheetos = Cheesus

It’s Easter and while the Easter Texas chili is smoldering in the crock pot, I looked left and right for an appropriate thing to write about. My first thought was to find a photograph of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, (aka Poppin’ Fresh) to put up with the title “He is Risen” but decided that might be too crass and insensitive.

Yes, even I have thoughts like that from time to time.

Then I happened across this obscure piece on Houston’s KHOU website. Apparently the youth minister at the Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, Steve Cragg, has stumbled across the latest religious apparition to make the news.

Shortly before beginning a recent Cheetos nosh, something stopped Steve from popping yet another Cheetos tasty morsel in his mouth and grinding it to insignificant bits of corn puff and cheesy powder. He stopped to examine its unique shape. From one side it looked like a cute two-legged dog. Turning it around, however, what should he find but an image of Jesus Christ himself stretching out his arms to his adoring masses.
Either that or, as one of Cragg’s students suggested, it kind of looks like Lieutenant Dan in the movie Forrest Gump.

Still and all, a religious apparition is just as good as its recognition, and this Cheeto bears an uncanny resemblance to the Savior of the world.

So be it.

In Cheesus’ name.

UPDATE: Cheesus has returned! Cheesus II: The Second Coming


Anonymous said...

This puts those old school communion wafers to shame! Maybe the Vatican should come out with Ranch Style and Nacho flavored wafers to keep in the game. With dip in the Baptismal Font.

Anonymous said...

Jesus really is a sort of cheesy SOB.

Anonymous said...

It is Jesus with one arm he is our youth administrator