Saturday, October 23, 2010

“…And Stay Out of My Retirement Fund”

In speaking to a group of enthusiastic supporters recently, Bill White’s comment elicited an outburst from one among the crowd when he asked them whether they agreed with him that public resources shouldn’t be used by a political machine to elect the same person, year after year.

Here is a video clip of that moment:

I’ve mentioned it before, here, that Rick Perry uses the retirement fund for Texas’ public school teachers to reward his friends and cronies, but most of all to reward his campaign fund donors.

If you think that’s a really good idea, then you can do one of two things: vote for Rick Perry for another 4 years of this, or don’t vote at all. And if you really don’t care about how Rick Perry uses the retirement fund of teachers to benefit himself and his friends, if you don’t care at all, just don’t vote.

But if you think these acts should be made illegal, Bill White is your guy.

[Oh, and as an aside, I just noticed that this is my 2000th posting on this blog. Geez, I need a life.]

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