Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Someone Finally Noticed Atacosa County’s Chilean Flag Gaffe

It’s something of an irony that right now, as the Chilean mine workers who have been trapped deep underground for 2 months are just about to be rescued, a printing error on Atacosa County’s absentee ballot was finally noticed.

It seems that the Chilean flag, which is similar in appearance to the Texas Lone Star flag, has been posted as a symbol of Texas pride. Apparently it has been printed that way for years but nobody noticed it until this year.

Here is the Chilean flag.

Here is Texas’s state flag.
Here is the flag that is printed on Atacosa County’s absentee ballot.

OK, an honest mistake or someone’s idea of a prank that got better with each succeeding year?

That’s OK though, Texas and Chile have nothing on Indonesia and Poland.

Flag of Indonesia
Flag of Poland

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