Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Tom DeLay Show Debuts Monday

Tom DeLay’s money laundering trial got a start this week as the prosecution and defense grilled dozens of potential jurors, finally settling on six men and women, none of them African-American because DeLay’s counsel Dick DeGuerin had three black jurors struck because they frowned at him.

And largely due to the prosecution’s objections, one juror was replaced by a black woman who had laughed and joked with DeGuerin earlier.

This marks the beginning of what I predict will be a circus. Tom DeLay, is at his absolute best (i.e. worst) when he works to degrade and disrespect the judicial process. He belittles the system of justice that has brought him to trial for breaking a 100-year old law just as he cheapened the legislative process while he was a majority leader in Congress.

The last time he found himself in court, in Judge Sam Sparks’ federal district court, his smugness and flippant responses, elicited Sparks’ “run like a rabbit” remark. Again DeLay belittled the judicial process which served to prove the plaintiff’s (the Texas Democratic Party) case, and as a result the Republican Party of Texas had no one on the ballot to run for his old seat.

Which is one of many of Tom DeLay’s personal faults: he fails to learn from his past mistakes.

Like the time he spent on “Dancing With the Stars.” It seems that many of the prospective jurors saw him on DWTS and were not impressed with what they saw. Said one woman, “he is a bad dancer.” DeLay himself can’t avoid using the word dancing to describe himself. Said he last August 17th when the Justice Dept. dropped their criminal investigation of him with regard to his receipt of expensive gifts from lobbyists, of the political climate in DC:
“They have to completely drown you and put you in prison and destroy your family and your reputation and your finances, and then dance on your grave.”
Which is ironic.

The irony is that Tom DeLay just may be the only politician in history to dance on his own grave.

So the 3-Ring Circus that will become The Tom DeLay Show begins on Monday and is expected to go for 3 weeks.

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