Wednesday, October 20, 2010

King Street Patriots: The Brown Shirts Are Back

There is a Teabagger group based in The Woodlands that calls itself the King Street Patriots. The King Street Patriots have taken a page out of the New Black Panthers’ playbook and have assumed the role of voter intimidators that has not seen the light of day since pre-WWII Germany when Hitler’s Brown Shirts harassed voters at the polls and practically guaranteed a win for the future Fuhrer.

By the way, Godwin’s Law is not in force here. The Brown Shirts considered themselves patriots, too.

Voter intimidation in predominantly minority areas of Houston, as reported in the Houston Chronicle, brings home the fact that uber-conservative Teabaggers are going all out in this election cycle to ensure that what the conservative media outlets are touting, a GOP romp, will self-manifest.

“Harris County Democratic Chairman Gerry Birnberg said his office had received reports Monday that poll watchers were "hovering" over voters, "getting in their face," and talking to election workers.”

“‘This is the fourth general election I've been involved with,’ Birnberg said, ‘and we have never had this kind of problem in the past.’”
The “poll watchers” are allegedly trained by the King Street Patriots.

“Birnberg placed the blame on some 300 poll watchers trained by a group of tea party activists who call themselves the King Street Patriots.”

“Poll watchers must be affiliated with either a party or a candidate, although the King Street Patriots group, through a project called True the Vote, is recruiting poll watchers on its website for Election Day, Nov. 2.”
Hiram Sasser, who is an attorney that represents the King Street Patriots, defends the group as new and inexperienced, as if to say so maybe mistakes were made, heck we’re all human and humans make mistakes.

No, actually, this is what he really said:

“Obviously, they trained them properly to follow the rules. What's different this time is that there probably are more poll watchers now than there have ever been before. … So, it might be a new process for some folks.”
And I might believe that if it weren’t for the fact that the Texas Tribune, some time ago, posted a YouTube Video of a King Street meeting where they informed the group of the tactics of the New Black Panther Party, as well as not so subliminal warning that the group had been established in Houston. The gasps of horror are audible on the video’s soundtrack.


The King Street Patriots know exactly what they are doing, and the video is the proof in the pudding.

All they lack are the brown shirts, the swastikas and a leader with a really tacky moustache.

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