Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rick Perry is a Coward

Back to Basics has released a full page advertisement that is appearing in 41 Texas newspapers this week. Its message couldn’t be clearer: Rick Perry is a Coward.

Rick Perry refuses to place himself in a public forum where Texans can ask him the questions that need asking. The public deserves to hear Rick Perry defend his 10 years as Texas’s governor. Ten years that has seen Texas’ unemployment levels soar, and budget deficits hit the ceiling and keep on going.

He has to answer for Texas teachers who are now unemployed despite the fact that Texas school enrollments are higher than ever.

He has to answer for the up to $21 billion budget deficit that many see looming on the horizon.

Texans deserve no less than to hear Rick Perry speak, and see how he stacks up against the other candidates running for his office.

Here is the Back to Basics ad. I think it’s a winner.

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