Saturday, October 02, 2010

CD-14’s Ron Paul Votes for Abducting Children to Japan

It was a stunning nearly unanimous vote in the House last Wednesday. A stunning vote for HR 1326, a non-binding resolution “calling on the Government of Japan to address the urgent problem of abduction to and retention of United States citizen children in Japan, to work closely with the Government of the United States to return these children to their custodial parent or to the original jurisdiction for a custody determination in the United States, to provide left-behind parents immediate access to their children, and to adopt without delay the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.”

Text of the resolution is here.

Because, you see, Japan does nothing to address the requests of American parents whose children have been illegally removed from their homes and taken to live in Japan.

The vote in the House was 416-1.

Ron Paul, the guy who fellow-Texans living in CD-14 continually return to congress every two years for reasons that escape me, cast the lone NO vote.

In effect, Ron Paul voted in favor of the Japanese Government and its foot-dragging ways in handling cases where American children are taken from their homes and forced to live in Japan. Japan, which didn’t sign the 1980 Hague Convention, makes no bones about the fact that they protect people who are essentially kidnappers. Kidnappers of American children.

And Ron Paul, makes no bones about the fact that he supports them in this practice.

Ron Paul has another credible opponent this year in Robert Pruett. Pruett, who recently retired from his job as Chief of Police of the city of Galena Park, can restore honor and integrity to CD-14, a congressional district that is just about right now the laughingstock of American politics.

This vote of Paul’s last Wednesday is just another one of many of his votes against good and decency, all just so that Dr. Paul can make his obscure Libertarian point. The point is lost on me this time. I understand why Paul voted against Mother Theresa’s and Rosa Parks’ Congressional gold medals because his of his Libertarian principle about not using taxpayer money to buy gold. But this NO vote, one that supports international kidnapping, leaves me stunned.


Marsha said...


I wish I lived in Robert Pruett's district. I have met him a couple of times and believe he is the best qualified candidate. He is articulate and has the experience required for the job. I fully believe that he can win his position and then go on to bigger and better positions.

Unknown said...

I've been a long time Ron Paul supporter, but you said it. This vote leaves me shocked. Granted this resolution is a toothless old dog that does nothing. And also granted that the United States does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent the abduction from occurring in the first place with its much touted policy on "no exit controls," but Japan's policy on foreign parents is to essentially get bent. Shame on Ron Paul. Shame on the Congress for not passing a resolution which was more than just empty words and shame on Japan for State sanctioned child abduction.

Unknown said...

yahh let's criticize Paul after we read one biased article about an issue we didn't know existed five minutes ago without bothering to figure out Paul's point of view.

Hal said...

One biased article. Really. One biased article that reports that Rep Paul is the lone dissenting vote in this. Really. Nakisa, get a grip. Ron Paul is amazingly out of touch with Texan voters. He gets re-elected for the same reason that Willie Nelson would get re-elected, if he ran for congress. People like his insouciance. You do too. admit it.

Then do better when you vote.

Michael said...

where can i find and read the bill?

Hal said...

Go to and click on the links to legislation. Enter HB 1326 to search by bill number.