Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Fort Bend County Judge Office in Play?

I’ve been wondering for some time why I am seeing so many campaign signs to re-elect Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert. It’s one of the loudest signs I have ever seen. So much color that they must cost a pretty penny to make.

The common wisdom is that Fort Bend County is a safe Republican county. Only 4 county-wide offices are occupied by Democrats. So I thought that maybe it was due to that recent Chronicle article that gave a loud voice to U of H demographer Richard Murray’s opinion that Fort Bend County is about to tip from Republican- to Democratic-majority voters.

But now, seeing the article in the Chronicle’s Fort Bend blog, UltimateFortBend, I see that there is a new wrinkle in the County Judge race.

A write-in candidate.

A bat-guano crazy Teabagger “Constitutional Republican” write-in candidate.

Her name is, or actually was, Chris Meeks. That is her maiden name. Her married name is so unusual that running as a write-in candidate with a name like Christine Zubizarreta, as whe claims on her campaign website, would be a disadvantage “because a 'write in' needs an easy, short name.”

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, my favorite write-in candidate from 2006, would have been surprised to hear that since the county elections office credited her with the votes of those who simply wrote in “SSG.” And she also got credited with the vote of the person who wrote in “Dracula c**t” (rhymes with bunt).

But I think this is simply par for the course, here. This candidate for county judge is a slice – or two – short of a loaf.

I even think I saw her once at a Republican love fest. I think it was her. She had some really interesting ideas about the world economy. The kind of ideas you hear from callers who call into all night radio talk shows.

What is interesting is that in the Chron article she is reported to have said that “she's been asked to drop out of the race for fear she may split Republican votes.”

Oh yeah.

What could be finer than to have the Teabagger Republicans, now referred to herein as Regressive Republicans split the Republican vote? With so many Democratic straight ticket voters out there, a loss of even 2% of the vote could spell a victory for Democratic challenger Rodrigo Carreon. And Chris Meeks, or Christine Zubizarreta, has refused to drop out, saying that she “will drop out if Judge Hebert puts in writing that he'll no longer collect property taxes.”

Yep, you heard it. Meeks is running on a single issue: eliminating property taxes. It even says that on her campaign signs (most of which are illegally posted on the public right-of -ways).

A red meat issue like that is bound to attract the “something-for-nothing” Teabagger crowd.

I shiver in anticipation.


Anonymous said...

1.) Christine Zubizarreta had a letter to the editor published in the Fort Bend Star complaining that the Sugar Land City Council would not let her speak before them on the topic of her desire to remove Fluoride from Sugar Land drinking water. I figure that the council didn't listen to her because she didn't even live in Sugar Land.

2.) She donated over $1,300 to Ron Paul in 2007 - 2008.

Chris Meeks said...

Thank You for the article Half Empty. For Anonymous, I have precious family & friends in Sugar Land. Fluorosilic acid is being used in the water of Sugar Land. Quality Water Manager,Krosnicki, concluded and recommended to stop water fluoridation. They listened because they did the independent research. Infants from birth to 12months should not drink fluoridated water as per ADA new guidelines as of 2006. Renting to the government via property taxation is slavery. Slaves are not allowed to own property. Vote for freedom and liberty. Write In Chris Meeks for Ft.Bend County Judge.