Sunday, August 20, 2006

David Wallace: "I'll Be Seeing You"

My eyes have finally started spinning. It has taken all summer, starting with the TDP filing in Travis County to enjoin Tina Benkiser, chair of the Republican Party of Texas, from replacing Tom DeLay on the November ballot. I thought I was immune, but now we have a collective deep draw in of breath across CD-22, with speculation of what David Wallace will announce tomorrow on the steps of Sugar Land city hall.

And my eyes started spinning.

Probably the only thing fitting in all of this is that what was begun by Nick Lampson on those very steps last April, will, in all probability, come full circle tomorrow and we are finally off to the end game in November.

And all we need is Marsha Rovai and Ken Dexter to cap off tomorrow’s performance with a knock-down drag-out.

I can’t find anyone in the CD-22 extended blogosphere who hasn’t weighed in on the outcome tomorrow. Those who haven’t are probably getting ready for school.

Juanita says: “…you don’t have to beat Lampson, you just have to beat Sekula Gibbs and the primary is yours in two years. You wave goodbye now and you’re toast for at least a decade.”

muse says: “Democrats remember the last time there was a political press conference at Sugar Land Town Square. We learned that air horns are the required accessory for such an event.Time's ticking, David. Will you stay or will you go?”

Charles Kuffner says: “Heck if I know. I don't believe his presence or absence in the race affects Sekula-Gibbs' prospects very much. I want him to run if only to foment maximum discord in the district, but it probably doesn't matter.”

Chris Elam says: “50 bucks to my favorite charity says he drops out with a press release at the beginning of the week talking about doing what's right for the district and how he has searched his heart to come to this difficult decision.”

John Coby says: “Film at 11 on Monday”

Fred says: “Odds are he out of this race and after the tongue lashing he received on Conservative radio KSEV on Friday I can imagine the heat he is receiving from his own party.”

So what do I say?. He’s gone. It is the political expedient. Let his opponent (not Nick, Shelley) run and lose the election. This is just ammunition for his future (2008) irrational claim that Shelley lost the district to a Liberal Democrat Pelosi Lapdog.

And he’ll appear to be the team player, especially if he can get Gillen and Hebert to lick the faces of other pack leaders. A word of warning to those three: don’t forget about the long memories of these Republican leaders (one of whom, as Juanita says, owns a transportation device that also cleans the floor). Have no doubt that they will feast on your bone marrow if you show the slightest sign of weakness in the next couple of years.

See you later, Dave.


muse said...

While everything points to him getting out of the race tomorrow, I think there is a good chance he'll stay in it.

Whoever the right-in candidates are, they are going to lose. So, why not build up name recognition with the voters now? Mayor Dave seems to have NO problem ignoring the precinct chairs. Why bow down to their wishes now?

Hal said...

Yeah, that was my thought yesterday. The man has an enormous ego, and half of me says that "Guns" Wallace will stay in because his ego demands it.

This morning I had waffles for breakfast, so I . . . did that.

I reasoned that his eqo would also allow him to view himself as the grand unifier of the splintered party.

Finally, I reasoned that I want him to stay in and really screw things up for the Republicans. Ever the pessimist, I assume the worst case scenario will be the one that actually occurs, and that means he is going to bow out.

And there you have it.

John Coby said...

Wallace-Sekula is the primary for the republican party. That is why he will stay in. Beat Shelley, then she will be a no body come 2008.

But if Shelley would beat wallace, he would be a nobody come 2008.

This Wallace-Sekula primary should be called Walakula.

Hal said...

John Coby weighs in. I couldn't detect any leaning in your post, as I couldn't for muse.

You're both in agreement. Frankly I hope that the both of you are right but I always expect the worst. It makes for a better recovery when the worst occurs, and it puts a big smile on your face when your worst fears fail to materialize.

It's a defense mechanism. But I also think he's formulated a face-saving strategy with the aid and support of Our Tom - who, you remember, agreed to "talk" to Dave.

No matter what he does, stick a fork in him, he's done.

Juanita said...

I have a bottle of Texas wine bet on the outcome of today's announcement. However, I have to admit that it's with a friend who take a either side of a bet as long as there's Texas wine involved. And, well, that's kinda my thing, too.

I agree that his political career is over if he drops out. Republicans don't reward martyrs - in fact, they make fun of them. They only reward the vicious.