Monday, August 07, 2006

Texas Progressive Alliance Launches ‘TexRoots’ Fundraising Initiative

The Texas Progressive Alliance today launched ‘TexRoots,’ an online fund-raising campaign designed to raise funds for Democratic candidates in Texas via the internet. The launch of ‘TexRoots’ is the first major coordinated fund-raising effort of its kind by Texas blogs.

The Alliance will begin with an appeal to our readers to contribute to the campaigns of three Texas candidates:

Hank Gilbert: candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
Juan Garcia: candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in District 32
Shane Sklar: candidate for the US House of Representatives in Congressional District 14.

You may have seen my post for Shane Sklar. This guy really needs some serious help. He’s running against a Libertarian who poses as a Republican. All that the incumbent has going for himself is name recognition. Expect to see future posts on Hank and Juan, and again on Shane as we move along toward Election Day.

TexRoots works with the nationally-recognized fund-raising tools of

Candidates selected for this solicitation were picked after a considering a number of factors, including the strength of the candidates and their Republican opponents, the candidate’s use of the internet and blogging, and the demographics of the candidates’ districts.

The Alliance hopes to have as many as five total groups of candidates before November 7th. Anna Brosovic of Arlington, founder of the Alliance and author of Annatopia said of this group of candidates:
"This first group of candidates comprises a good cross-section of regions, ideologies, and ballot races. We have a statewide candidate, a congressional candidate, and a candidate for Texas House of Representatives which we believe are worthy of the attention of the Texas Netroots.”
Charles Kuffner, of OffTheKuff, another founding member of the Alliance, writes
“We are pleased that we have been able to raise the funds necessary to activate this important fund raising tool. Netroots money has made the difference between being competitive and winning in races all across the country.”
TexRoots follows a formula similar to the popular national Netroots Candidates fund raiser launched earlier this year by blogs such as DailyKos and MyDD. However, TexRoots focuses only on Texas candidates.

So click HERE or click on the TexRoots logo at the top of this posting, or click on the sidebar icon and go help these guys out. Better yet, go over to Muse and click on one of the paths to TexRoots found there and contribute that way. Reason I say this is that Muse wanted to try it out this morning through musings but discovered that the Muse Card was left at a restaurant last night.

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