Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sugar Land Justice. When?

Today, I received a message from my best friend Ann Van that Marsha Rovai's assault case got a "no bill" from the Fort Bend Grand Jury, who heard opposition arguments by Republican DA Jim Healey.

Last April, during a Nick Lampson press conference (Nick is the Texas candidate for the CD-22 seat) Marsha Rovai, a five foot tall 69-year old retiree and Lampson supporter, was assaulted on the steps of Sugar Land's city hall by a Republican goon named Ken Dexter. Dexter is twice her size, and foreman of the Fort Bend County Grand Jury. Sugar Land police stood by as he and another mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging goon assaulted this female senior citizen. Note, I do not, at this point, blame the police for not witnessing the assault. The crime was apparently committed cleverly and secretly. As is their wont.

This is not the end. As Juanita says, "more to come".


Ann Van said...

You know, it's all becoming more clear to me now. Kay Bully Hutchison throwing up her hands and screeching "Don't come any closer to me!" when anyone comes closer than ten feet to her, this verbal abuse, the physical abuse that Marsha suffered (and there would have been more had not our gentlemen menfolk not stepped foreward, and the zombie-like propaganda that so-called intelligent, well-educated people parrot back without thought one, starting a war because they just want to have bloodshed some place as long as it isn't their own are really sicko people that frighten me. Especially when they think that they are God's most favored creations who can do no wrong. These people are out of control. This is reminiscent of the late 1930's in Europe. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it and it wasn't that fun the first time! This is enough to make me want to go crawl in a Gopherus berlanderii hole for a decade, but there is too much work to do trying to educate people to vote and do proper research on whom you cast your vote. Then, to never let them get by with pulling irresponsible toro caca like Tom Tom Which-way-is-he-looking DeLay.

Montag said...

I seem to remember that there was a time in Fort Bend County when the Republican Party had an unlisted number to keep out the riff-raff and the Democratic Party didn't have to pass out ax handles at its events to keep out the Republicans. How times have changed!

Ann Van said...

Yes, and it wasn't that long ago that this county was Democratic. When most people were hard working, honest citizens. Then the nouveau riches started moving in and the developers started raping the land and bingo, two new trees and two or more new Republicans were planted at every new house. Reminiscent of the carpetbaggers all over again. Oddly enough, I don't recall in our family letters and papers any stories about carpetbaggers going around bragging about what wonderful, conservative Christians they were.