Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Lady In Pink: Clear Choice of Republicans in Texas CD-22

Here she is. The Republican choice to run against Nick Lampson and Libertarian candidate Bob Smither.

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs.

The Pink Lady of ever so many muse postings. I can't wait to see what the muse makes of this.

Republican voters, better get used to the spelling. Shelley will have to file her name without the ever-present hyphen. No eSlate machine has a hyphen on its list of things to select, so best do without it. And that's "ey" not "y".

Well, 85 of the 150 precinct chairs arrived in Pearland to help decide who shall be the anointed one, the savior of the failed Republican effort to hold onto the Texas CD-22 congressional seat. And by an unknown majority (well, after all the meeting was closed to the public and the press), Republicans voted the candidate who they will support for a write-in candidate for US Congress in CD-22.

Thank Krisna. Nick Lampson will not be able to "steal" this seat.

By the way, did you know that the word "sekula" is Indonesian for "school"? True. For about 40 years, the Spanish had control of the East Indies. In that time they introduced the concept of "escuela" or "school" so the word stuck. Indonesians are a very versatile people. The word for gear, in Indonesian is "verschnelling", a Dutch word for gear. Point is, the Indonesians have no difficulty with new rulers, new languages, new anything. I bet the Indonesians would have no problem voting in this election. Americans, however, will be entirely baffled.

And I will bet you DeLay Dollars to doughnuts that this factoid is being overlooked by Shelley and her new support group.

Voters will have to enter dialed letters to give vote counters the idea of who they are to choose. In Pearland, the Republicans opted to support the person with the most incredibly difficult name to dial in on an eSlate ballot. Nice job. Arthritic people will rejoice.

Unless they can enter another person's more arthritis-friendly name like "David Wallace". Nothing has changed there, as far as I have heard. David "Guns" Wallace is the candidate of choice of bug killer Greg Gillen and Judge Hebert.

Whatever happened to Tina Benkiser's man of the hour, Paul Bettencourt? Well, according to Juanita, he folded his tent and went back to Harris County.

Shelley, listen to the words.

Hey-hey-hey- Goodbye

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