Monday, August 21, 2006

Stick a Fork in Him, He’s Done

And like a rubbery-armed pitcher, David Wallace walked off the mound this afternoon. But wait, it’s still August, November 7th is near, but not that near. There are still innings to play. Oh, I see, it’s not a fatigued arm we are talking here. It’s a twisted one.

Republicans are very good at that. It’s human nature for one to express his or her individuality, but you don’t see much of that in the Republican Party. You see ranks and ranks moving in lock-step – all of them with twisted arms, tweaked ears and the occasional cigar burn. Vicious, vicious people when what is at stake is Power.

So what DID convince former Texas CD-22 candidate David Wallace to step aside for Shelley “Pink Lady” Sekula-Gibbs? What kind of deal did he swing? And does it, as suggested by Mark in View from Twenty-Two, qualify as a crime? Actually, Mark says that the 3 million dollar payoff to the local GOP from Washington “if there is only one Republican write-in candidate” in and of itself is a violation of the Texas Penal Code Section 36.01. I’m inclined to agree. He was induced to withdraw by enticement of massive amounts of funds to a local political organization of which he, himself, is a member.

Don’t Republicans have any scruples? We have LAWS here. David Wallace revealed the enticement himself in his statement:
“At the closed door meeting Texas Republican Party Chairman Tina Benkiser announce that she had a commitment for $3,000,000 for this race from Washington . . . as long as there is only one Republican write-in candidate. I believe that with those promised resources, and a masterfully crafted campaign, a write-in candidacy is a winnable campaign.”
See? He said it himself, just as Our Tom said he didn’t know where he would be living on Election Day. Just as Dubya said he was justified in keeping foreign nationals locked up indefinitely in military prisons until the Supreme Court slapped him down.

Guys, we are a nation of laws. You’re not supposed to break them whenever you feel like it or when it is politically expedient for you .

But as others have noted, no one locally will file criminal charges because they themselves are politically self-motivated.

Here’s what I think. I think that there are 6 more days until the filing deadline. What is the likelihood that someone, and I mean anyone, steps up and files for a write-in candidacy, and then announces that they are the Fort Bend County Republican alternative?

I hear the GOP is paying these people off big time.

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Fenway Fran said...

Love the choice of graphic to illustrate 'rubbery-armed pitcher'...we diehard Sox fans are on life support after last weekend...Good thing I have CD22 to life my spirits!