Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nick Lampson: Nothing Has Changed

There were at least 50 attendees tonight at the Nick Lampson Campaign’s Fort Bend County Volunteer meeting at the First Colony Library.

A good turnout on a good week for the Texas Democratic Party.

Nick was running late so several people gave accounts of the week’s events, including the latest news that Tim Turner, one of the replacement candidates that I forgot about in my previous posting (gimme a break, there were so many of them), has announced that he too will run for Tom DeLay’s vacant seat. Well climb on board, Tim.

Now we know of at least 3 Republicans who won’t be voting for Bob Smither.

Nick finally showed up and got a standing ovation. He gave a short speech, a kind of “Nick Lite” speech that quickly summarized the issues facing voters, and some of the things going on at the campaign.

Emphasizing and underlining throughout the evening is this key thought: Nothing Has Changed. Nick is still going to run an aggressive issue-based campaign with no let up until November 8th. Nick has said time and time again that he will run against anyone and there will be no change – the issues are the same, Bob Smithers is still there, yes we have some new faces on the block, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED.
“Nothing has changed with Nita Sane [Democratic candidate for County Treasurer], nothing has changed with Farhan Shamsi [Democratic candidate for Justice of the Peace], and nothing has changed for Albert [Albert Hollan, Democratic candidate for 268th District Court]”.
Then he moved on, but it took only a couple of sentences for Nick to see Rudy Velasquez,
Democratic candidate for Judge of County Court at Law #1, sitting in the back row. He recovered nicely.
“And nothing has changed for Rudy Velasquez . . . let’s see if there’s any body else out there . . . “
I really like this about Nick. He knows how important his race is for the down-ballot candidates.

There was lots of discussion on plans for the 90 days left before November 7th. As with every Lampson meeting, we were updated with the current door/call tally. As of now, 18,000 doors have been knocked on by a Lampson campaign worker or volunteer, and 27,000 people have been contacted by phone. The data base is being fine-tuned.

We are going to be awesome as we come down to the wire.

And then I got the best news (personally) that I had all night. The campaign reads my blog! [Hey, guys]. My friend Ann said “Told ya”. But you know me . . .ever the pessimist.

I tell you, working with these people - it changes your outlook. I may have to change the name of this blog to Half Full.

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