Thursday, April 26, 2007

Democratic Presidential Debate on MSNBC

Let the games begin. Eight announced candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination met on the stage of a South Carolina auditorium on the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg to debate the issues of the day. They were Senator Joe Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Chris Dodd, John Edwards, Senator Mike Gravel, Senator Barack Obama, and Governor Bill Richardson.

Cutting to the chase: who won?

Frankly there no clear outstanding winners and no clear losers. The roomful of Democrats that I watched the debate with all agreed that there was not one person on that stage who wouldn’t do a bang up job as President.

But some of the candidates outshone and undershone the others in some areas. Shall I list them?

Best question dodger: Now that one is a toss-up. Hillary was too darn good at that, but in truth I think it should properly go to John Edwards. That Hillary could be accused of being a question dodger, I think, goes more to the next category.

Most rehearsed answers: Yep. Hillary. This is what happens when your answers are so well rehearsed sometimes that it makes it difficult to get them to fit the question being asked.

Saddest candidate: John Edwards. My Boy right now. He paused for an overly long period of time to mull the answer to the question who does he regard as his moral leader? He knew the answer right away, I think. I think he was taking his time trying to decide if he should say it. His wife. This was after, however, he came up with “his Lord”, but that wasn’t going to work because Bush used that in the Kerry debate. So he went back to his number 1 answer. His wife who is dying of cancer.

Biggest bully: Bill Richardson. He blew it in his answer on what mistakes he has made in the past and what would he do now? He admitted to being “too aggressive” when he tried to get his state legislature to pass a state minimum wage. Aggressive would have been fine. We need aggressive leaders. But “too aggressive?” Nope, we already got us one of them (and it isn't Bush).

Most convincing candidate: Hands down, Barack Obama. I noted again tonight, especially now with him standing next to his competition – the man has the most commanding charisma of any candidate.

Best comic relief: Mike Gravel. A man who speaks from the gut. A man who brought down the house several times. In speaking to nuclear weapons and weapons programs in other countries, Gravel claimed that the United States was the biggest violator of the nuclear weapon non-proliferation treaty. “We’re still building ‘em!” “Who in hell are we going to nuke?” Mike Gravel was the favorite of my friend Susan who would vote for “that old coot” in a heartbeat.

Most missed: Al Gore.

Next week, MSNBC is going to do the same thing with the declared Republican candidates.

Gee . . . I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Aggressive would have been fine.

long as it's your opinion being shoved down throats by force. big gun fanatic, are ya? (that's the pointy end accompanying all "legislation", in case you forgot.)

none of your business what i and another peaceful person arrange between us via contract. MYOB.

Hal said...