Monday, April 23, 2007

Kronberg: Texas Will Get 8 Congressional Seats Because of Immigrants

Hey Texas.

I have been given a Kronberg story that appears on the Wall Street Journal that promises that Texas, as a result of new figures on immigrant population – legal or otherwise – will accrue for Texas up to eight (8) additional congressional seats.

The 2010 census will indicate a population shift of such biblical proportions that Texas will steal from the shrinking populations of some of the other 49 states a total of eight congressional seats.

Now this can be good news, or it can be bad news.

First, it’s nice that the total population of Texas is recognized for what it is, a grand mixture of “True Texans”, immigrants (like me from foreign countries like California), salaaming and otherwise immigrants from the near, middle and far East, and outright illegal immigrants from The Almighty knows where. We all need representation in the halls of Congress despite where we come from and – most importantly – how.

But how shall Texas spend their eight extra votes? That is what worries me. Texas is an unrepentant confederate state. What we need to have happen is a paradigm shift. Texas enthusiasts of bigotry need to find a back seat. There is no place for hate here or anywhere.

And you know me. Irony is my middle name. The irony in all of this is that illegal immigration gives Texas more political clout. Bob Perry gets his cheap labor, Texas gets 8 additional seats. One hand washes the other.

From Kronberg:

“The irony here is inescapable. Legal and illegal immigrants will increase the Texas congressional delegation by at least eight members creating all kinds of opportunity for upper mobility for current legislative incumbents. Adding to the irony is that a Texas delegation enlarged by legal and illegal immigration will be better able to deliver critical resources to the state.”


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