Sunday, April 01, 2007

It’s The End of the World As We Know It

The world will end one day. All of the art, from cave paintings to kinetic sculptures will cease to exist. All of the words written by all of the poets, novelists, journalists, students and bloggers will vaporize.

Every brick laid on top of another brick will decompose into flecks of clay.

Steel will rust.

Glass will break down and find its way to the beaches of the world.

Wars? House bills? Illegal Immigrants?

None of this will have mattered.

How will the world end? It could happen today. One day 66.5 million years ago an asteroid struck the Yucatan peninsula. It sent a tidal wave around the world and put iridium rich ejecta into the atmosphere that turned day to night for 10,000 years, killing 90% of all extant species on Earth, including the dinosaurs. A like-sized asteroid, 2 km in diameter, passed the Earth on March 30th and came within 9 million miles of colliding with our planet.

It is said that for every one discovered near-Earth asteroid there are 300 more undiscovered ones.

There are other ways to end the world. I found this website last night.

Top Ten Ways To Destroy Earth

Sweet dreams.

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