Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Making a Needless Trip Into Houston a Worthwhile Effort

It’s TAKS week here in Texas and that means 3 more 3-hour standardized tests for high school juniors. Proctoring these tests is a mindless job but one benefit to teachers is that there is virtually nothing to do to prepare for classes the next day. So when school ended today I drove in to Houston. My destination was Melissa Noriega’s campaign headquarters. I told the campaign that I would call precincts in the Fort Bend county portion of the City of Houston and thought I would go in and pick up the call lists.

Traffic was light but I was beating rush hour. I drove right up to the yellow 2-storey office building on the Gulf Freeway feeder, and parked in the shade. I knew I was in the right place because nearly every motor vehicle in the parking lot had a “MelissaNoriega for Houston City Council – At Large Pos. 3” bumper sticker fixed to it in one place or another. And a plethora of lawn signs all over the place.

Through the barred glass doors, follow the arrow up the stairs, then walk the maze following arrows to the open door.

It was quiet in there. Then I saw Melissa sitting at a big desk with a phone stuck in her ear. I waved and passed, looking for someone to talk to. In the workroom I found Melissa’s mom and told her why I was there. Someone behind me made a noise and I turned around. There was muse and the woman in charge of putting out phone lists working at a table.

There was immediate understanding of what I wanted, but the list was not assembled. The campaign knew about making the list, but the list maker was not told about it. I could stay awhile and wait, but she said it would take an hour to print.

“I can email it to you,” she said.

“You can email phone lists?”


“I just came all the way down here for nothing?”


OK, so for all of you people who want to call a Get Out The Vote list for Melissa Noriega, just call them at 713-MELISSA (635-4772). Give them your email address and they’ll send you one.

OK, so maybe that wasn’t such a waste of a trip.

They also gave me a call script and a push card for more information should there be questions. Then I thought. Heck, why not put the push card on the blog as well. At least people who have never seen it will be able to view it. Same drill. Click to enlarge.

So now maybe what started out as a wasted trip is ending up to be a worthwhile effort.


muse said...

But, you didn't tell us you were coming TODAY!


Yours were, you know, in the hopper. Behind the lists we were making for tonight. And, tomorrow.

We are so happy you are calling because you are so good at i!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our HQ. We like it.

Hal said...

Yes, my bad.

I had these expectations. When I buy my clothes I buy them off the rack. That's why I was just expecting a bunch of printouts of precincts, and to pick out the ones I wanted to call.

Your shop produces only tailor mades. Something I am not used to.

Melissa said...

Nothing but the best for you!

We think the glass is half full, and we are going to skip the runoff and go straight for the outright win.

Thanks for calling folks,

Hal said...

Yes, for you and your cause, Melissa, I am definitely doing an anti-Half Empty flip. There is no doubt that Melissa Noriega has the legs to carry this election with a majority. People are excited to have a populist candidate on the ballot. I will do all I can to get this "classy chick" voted on the Houston City Council.

Anyone can help. Call the HQ. Get a call list. They will EMAIL it to you. It's so easy.

While some of the other candidates are really nice people, I have to admit, Melissa has those unifying abilities. She can bring conflicting camps together. That is her forte - it was recognized when she served in the State House in the stead of her main squeeze.

Melissa has the tools and the talent to maximize her effect on the city council. A vast minority of Houston voters have the power for real change in this special election.

Don't blow it.

muse said...

Hal's going to be calling a lot of people, yall. We customized his list for him and it's . . . lengthy.

Which is a good thing, Hal. Really!