Sunday, April 08, 2007

On Impeachment: Why the Heck Not?

Sometimes I think the only people who read blogs are other bloggers. It’s very nearly true. Take for instance the posting at musings. I saw it yesterday, or was it the day before? In it, muse questions the sanity of mounting an impeachment effort now when we are so close to putting a Democrat in the White House again. A waste of time, muse says, and only serves to put “Dead Eye” Dick Cheney behind the president’s desk for a few months.

Then this morning, what do I see but another posting on the planned April 9th Houston impeachment demonstration at Bay Area Houston. John mulled over the possibilities and concluded that it would be a waste of time, best not to take the eye off the ball when there are so many other things to accomplish.

Something in blogdom that I like to call a “virtual ditto”.

In the comments, muse even takes John to task, calling him a “copy cat”. I think it’s nice to have someone see your idea and repeat it. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But I’m not going to ditto muse’s idea. I like the idea of impeachment. I think what we are missing is that the last time we had an impeachment, it was a long drawn out affair, weeks and months in the news, with nothing else happening, and with a special investigator who came up with nothing other than a lie about having sex with an intern.

We’ve got lots more on Bush. It even spills over to Cheney – who I sincerely believe is behind just about every bad idea to come out of this administration.

Impeach them both.

They didn’t know about Abu Graib? They didn’t have to know. They are responsible for it and every other bad thing that has happened in Iraq. They have blood on their hands and it is time to end this nightmare. They took us to this war of choice with their lies.

It wouldn’t take all that much time. All it would take is resolve. You don’t have to prove that they have committed high crimes and misdemeanors; all you have to do is find them guilty of them. It’s politics, not a judicial process.

Then we can have President Nancy Pelosi serve out Bush’s term, maybe with Vice President Feingold.

I’ll not be at the demonstration, although I am sorely tempted to attend. What I want to do is go to this event in Richmond and see if the staffers know whether my congressman will be going along with this idea.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! President Nancy has a nice ring to it. Impreach the Buzzards.

Anonymous said...

Never think that what you write is unread or unappreciated, though there may be ups and downs. Google shows that your analysis of the 2006 election was extremely widely read. Bravo.

And Bravo again, President Nancy Pelosi would do such a better job for us during Hurricane season and everything else.