Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Fort Bend Democrats: Fighting for You

The Fort Bend Democrats, a Democratic political action committee in Fort Bend County, Texas, have a lot of things going on right now, not only to help out in any way we can in imminent elections, prepare for next year’s election, and also to support local charitable efforts in the present tense.

We support the campaign of Melissa Noriega for Houston City Council Position 3. The Get Out The Vote call list I collected from the campaign this past week was delivered to some of the silver-tongued devils in the group today. I retained the bulk of it, but Geri, silver-tongued devil extraordinaire took a pinch (knowing Geri she’ll probably talk her list out of some money for the campaign), and so did Tony. We are calling Democrats residing in the Houston part of Fort Bend County who vote in city elections.

We are preparing for an all out assault on the appetites of Democratic supporters by organizing an outdoor barbecue at Eldridge Park in Sugar Land next May 19th. The speaker list is being put together right now, but it looks like we will attract local elected officials as well as at least one state official. I can now state with a certainty that Democratic Party State Chairman Boyd Richie will speak at the event. It is being held on the same day as a TDP Town Hall meeting at the Student Center at the U of H main campus. So it was not a problem getting him to commit to speaking and eating some barbecue with Democrats of Fort Bend and environs.

So we have that to look forward to.

And we have now spent our first day doing charitable work for Hearts and Hammers. Today we worked at the home of Emmanuel and Margarita, elderly home owners in North Richmond, who needed some exterior work on their house. An organization known as the Fort Bend Corps has organized a local “Hearts and Hammers” effort in Fort Bend County. Several of us spent all afternoon applying a coat of primer to the house. There is more work to do but we ran out of material.

You could say that I am righteously tired tonight.

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