Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike “Old Coot” Gravel For President

This is for my friend Susan who let me watch the Democratic Presidential debate at her house last night. I can confirm that Geri’s lasagna was delightful – I had two helpings rendering me half full.

Susan was so taken by former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel’s rants that she posted about it on her “not-a-blog”, and I quote:

“I'm getting me a button that says, ‘Vote for the Old Coot.’”

Well someone agrees with her because they very lovingly edited out all non-Gravel footage of the debate and submitted this 6 minute condensation to You Tube. In my previous post on the debate, I gave him the “Best Comic Relief” award. The editor goes one up on me and calls him “Best in Show”.

I think he’s right, but you be the judge.

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Susan said...

Hey Hal - Randi Rhodes also got all gushy over him on the radio today. I think she did her "shakin'them" for Mike today - she plays my favorite song every Friday at the start of her show.

So, I am not alone!