Thursday, September 24, 2009

60 Again

With Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s appointment of Paul Kirk, longtime Ted Kennedy ally and supporter, and chairman of the board of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, we are back to a filibuster-proof 60 Democrats in the Senate.

And with Kirk’s known leanings in the area of healthcare reform, maybe we are a fraction closer to getting meaningful healthcare reform this year.

This is amazing progress. With a Republican governor, Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts legislature actually hamstrung itself by voting to allow a US Senator to be replaced only by a special election.

A special election that could be held in January.

Healthcare reform couldn’t wait however, and the Massachusetts legislature pushed through a bill to reverse itself and let its governor, a Democrat now, appoint someone to serve out Teddy Kennedy’s term until a special election could be held.

Word has it that aides from the White House were on this like white on rice.

And now it’s done.

And we have 60 Democrats once again in the Senate.

Now, about that thing about Democrats acting like Democrats . . .

Maybe more on that at another time.

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Anonymous said...

Although, I am a Democrat, and admittedly, there are instances when, even, Democrats get caught in the fray of being “Typical Politicians", however, having said so, the Democrats "at their best” know how to govern and our best policies "for the people" are of the Democratic Party's origins.

Republicans do not govern well, or maybe they do not know how, or lately, it seems, they do not intend nor have the interest to govern for the people because through their own self-interest of greed they have become enslaved to the corporations; and thus, the feigned crazies, who, at least a noted percentage, are also, simultaneously, racist; therefore, they get excitedly motivated to go against any and all policies of President Obama and so then in their blind ambition to dethrone and de-legitimize President Obama by seeing Black rather than green for the benefit of the economic advantages as resulting as a by product of reforming healthcare and other innovative initiatives.

In addition to being intellectually challenged and duped to not know that their beloved party has no intentions of governing for the people, even, if they regained the White House. The top dictators of the party manipulate the feigned crazies to advance anti-government attacks which, ironically, are contrary to what is realistically in the best interest of the crazies because they, too would benefit from the policies attempting to be implemented by the Democrats and the Democratic President Obama, such as: affordable health care for all, improved economy, eco-friendly measures to protect our environment and thereby resulting in the growth of new jobs as a result of reforming health care as well as green jobs for implementing, innovative environmental friendly restructuring of how we run our world from warming/cooling our homes to running our cars, and dispose of our garbage, etc.

Short and simple the Republican Party is “so” out to lunch, out of touch, and zombied-out by greed, with governing for the good of the people that they are using the feigned crazies at the snake’s belly bottom level of their party who only see President Obama as the “Black Guy” who took their country away from the “White People” and so he has become their enemy while the real enemy is the people they take orders from within their own party.