Monday, September 21, 2009

Five News Programs in One Weekend: A Record

It should come as no surprise that the great communicator of the present generation, Barack Obama, accomplished a Guinness Moment this weekend, breaking all records for news program appearances on a single weekend day, Sunday.

Obama should go down as one of the most accessible presidents in American history, particularly coming off of the previous president, who held more meetings with the mesquite brush growing on his ranch in Crawford than any meeting with living breathing humans (let alone those from the 5th estate).


Not only did Barack Obama appear in the three news shows that I watch on Sunday morning, NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week and CNN’s State of the Union, he also showed up on CBS’ Face the Nation and Univision’s Al Punto.

Notably, Univision did not even solicit an interview with the president.

The White House asked them.

And to top it all off, Obama will return to David Letterman’s late night show tonight.

Now which program seems to be missing here? That’s five, after all.

Could it be . . . Fox News?

Dear God, they snubbed Fox News.

But then, the category was, after all, a news program and not an entertainment program, as we continually find Fox News to find itself habitually classified under.

But wait, isn’t David Letterman’s Late Night program an entertainment program? Yes, I guess that’s true. But the difference is, Letterman’s program is funny “ha-ha” not funny “odd and weird.”

So do you think that Fox News is taking this blatant affront to their legitimacy as a news program lying down? No way, no how. In fact, if you Google it you find that Fox News is the single most common result when you want to find out who is talking about Obama’s weekend news show blitz.

Fox’s Chris Wallace went out of his way to bemoan the fact that Obama didn’t want to give this crew the time of day. Obama likes associating with truth tellers, after all. Here is what Wallace had to say:

Wallace “…I think that Fox News Sunday is a truly fair
and balanced show . . .”

O’Reilly: “You’re not an ideological show at all . .

Wallace: “No, and . . .and it’s like they refused to take yes for an
answer. Ah . .eh.. there’s a kind of childishness or pettiness about it.”

O’Reilly: “It’s an immaturity that . . .if you don’t . . .if you don’t
hoe our line we’re just gonna [dismissive wave of hand] ice you.”

Here’s the rest of it:

I don’t know which metaphor strikes me as the most appropriate to characterize this take of Fox’s “Not in any way close to the news” news commentators on Obama’s much-needed slight of these creatures, these lying liars who deliver the lies of the dark side.

Is it this?

Or this?

I’m leaning toward the latter. That must have really hit them hard that the White House preferred, and actually approached, a Spanish language television network over Fox.


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