Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Agree With You but the Courts Don’t

How do you play both sides of the fence? How do you mollify the lunatic fringe of your party, keep the moderates from looking at you askance, and all at the same time blaming the “liberal courts” for saddling the country with an ineligible president.

You resort to what Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R- Ohio) did in a town hall meeting that she held on September 5th in Westchester, Ohio.

You get the distraught person’s (in this case an older woman) attention after she claims that “…he cannot be a president by our constitution” and then you lean in really close and whisper these words:

“I agree with you but the courts don’t.”

You then spend the rest of your time avoiding the person who caught your words on video and get your staffers to run interference by getting between the video recorder and the congresswoman, and then finally get the staffer to tell the videographer “You know what. Go away. Please go away.”

It’s on You Tube.

I give you Republican congressmen. Democracy inaction.


Delezzia said...

Unbelievable. And where do they find these fuggly people to attend these rallies? They all look like they need a shower.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are very desperate to have to cater to the fringe elements in order to get votes and sure up the Party's base at its base.

Boy, oh boy, how low can you sink? But then again desperation can be very dangerous. Look at the uninformed, misplaced, and misappropriated antics that are occurring against our government. This is creepy and dangerous.