Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fort Bend ISD: Broadcast of President Obama’s Education Speech is a Campus Decision

You can’t say this wasn’t going to be a surprise.

Fort Bend ISD is one of the highest rated school districts in the state of Texas. It is also centrally located in the middle of Rightwing Nutjob Central, also known as that congressional district that sent “Hot Tub” Tom Delay back to congress every time he stood for the office.

Fort Bend County, along with its Fort Bend ISD denizens, is very probably singularly responsible for keeping Fox’s Bat Dooty-Crazy Glenn Beck on the air with local ratings that are probably in the 40-share range.

So when the district and campus administrations throughout the district started getting frantic phone calls from parents who were anxious about President Obama “grabbing” their children, subjecting them to mass hypnotism or worse, the district originally caved to the vocal crazies.

They issued a letter that allowed parents to fill out a permission slip if they wanted their children to view Obama’s education speech on Tuesday. Yes, that’s right, they had to opt in to letting their children view the speech, not opt out as is the usual case. Opt in, mind you, to view a speech by the President of the United States directed at them, the schoolchildren of the United States.

You know, the one where he is going to welcome America’s children back to school, and to urge that they do their utmost in their studies in the coming school year.

Controversial things like that.

That, apparently went over like a lead balloon and the district pulled it off of their website. Cooler heads prevailed and now the district, according to the announcement now being shown on its website, is saying that the decision to show the broadcast, or not to, is a campus-based decision.

Not perfect, but at least parents don’t have to jump through hoops in order to make it possible for their children to see the broadcast. The one directed right at them.

You know, this didn’t happen when Jack Kennedy had his education address. Or when Ronald Reagan did. Or Bush-41 did.

But then those were white presidents.


Anonymous said...

Well halfempty, not all conservatives think the move by the district to boycott Obama was a good one. We checked off so our kids could attend because we accept him as our president until unelected (no we didn't vote for him). Sorry if you want to put everyone into the same box. Some conservatives (real ones) actually sent Susan B. that letter from the district that got the ball rolling on this travesty of the first amendment and school censorship. Pist, this is our little secret. I even know the lady who passed it to her (a moderate).

No we're not all alike HE.

Anonymous said...

"But then those were white presidents."

I think this is exactly why.

Anonymous said...

you all should catch this release from KISD on this:

Patriot Missive said...

"Governor Perry seems to be using our children to orchestrate his secessionary plans for Texas. This manipulated “split,” is costing us in more ways than we can count. Perry needs to be fired ASAP."

I think this permission slip stuff involves a structure of corporate "interests" and crime that depend on a diversionary political split. What better way to do it than through our children. This type of politics makes us all look stupid as we fight amongst ourselves while Perry and his corporate "interests" take off with our money... again...

Anonymous said...

amen patriot!

Delezzia said...

This whole fiasco is just bunch of crap. Obama is president of the United States! 69 Million voted for him in November. Sorry some are still reeling from that election but get over it and stop trying to make up a bunch of crazy stuff about the president trying to spread his socialist ideas - I bet half of TX does not even know what socialism is and I doubt grammar school kids know either! Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

No, I think it was because of the over-reaching of certain DoE functionaries who decided to provide lesson plans that were explicitly political.

Unfortunately, this compromised the speech in a way that could not be undone.

Personally, i would have preferred that Obama give his speech on Constitution Day (Sept 17), which all schools are required to observe by unfunded federal mandate. Provide actual academic content rather than a pep talk.

Anonymous said...

Was Reagan's DARE speech to the schools a "pep talk" or Bushes "War speech"?

Anonymous said...

They who masquerade in disguise as Teabaggers; as Birthers; as freedom to be armed in public places--and show up armed with guns when and where the President is speaking; and offer lame excuses-----but, he has a socialist agenda; but, he is for socialized Healthcare; but he is for public option; but he included lesson plans--it's all baloney.
And, yes, you are correct Hal in cutting to the chase and calling the short and skinny of it all. The reason the office of the sitting President is being disrespected in a manner like none before since President Obama‘s election and the previous ones were not treated in the same manner to include when they addressed school children-------- is for none other than:

"But then those were white presidents."