Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pete Olson Still Can’t Find the “Yes” Button

From time to time I get an email alert on how my federal legislators voted on key votes in the House and Senate. This past weekend I received the latest and it held only mild surprise for me.

Kay Bailey Hutchison actually voted “Yes” for something.

Actually she sometimes does, and in doing so, splits (and therefore cancels) the Texas vote.

And that’s fine. We don’t need John Cornyn’s vote to count for anything, so having Kay Bailey cancel him out from time to time is a satisfactory outcome.

This time Kay voted Yes on the “Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010.”

Cornyn voted no along with 24 others – all Republicans.

What is this bill? It is HR 3288 passed in the House in July by a vote of 256 to 168 (and yes, Pete Olson voted “No”). A bill to:

  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Department of Transportation
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Federal Maritime Commission
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the National Transportation Safety Board
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, and
  • Make appropriations for FY2010 to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

In other words, to keep significant public services in our government working.

Kay Bailey voted “Yes”, Cornyn and his protégé Olson voted in Republican lockstep “No.”

Pete Olson’s voting decisions are simple.

He simply votes “No.”

He voted “No” to rebuke CongressRacistMan Joe Wilson for his unprecedented heckling of the President earlier this month.

He voted “No” to fund the “Advanced Vehicle Technology Act.” An act that appropriated funding to advance our technology in the development of “new vehicle technologies.” Because, as we all know, we have lots of oil and lots of money to buy foreign oil to feed our gas-hungry internal combustion engines.

And he voted “No” to fund the “Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009.” A bill to replace an antiquated educational funding program, the “Federal Family Education Loan Program” with a more robust and realistic program embodied in this bill which serves to, among other things, increase the number of Pell Grants to college students and to increase their annual maximum.

It’s been awhile, I guess, since Pete Olson was at a university. Tuition has gone up a bit since then.

But Pete voted “No”, just the same.

All of this just gives me pause. I haven’t heard of a credible Democratic candidate coming in to make CD-22 the next Democratic congressional district as of yet, and am getting a little impatient. CD-22 is ripe for a reversal in 2010, and I am just wondering whether anyone at the DCCC is aware of it yet.

If not, will someone please shake them awake?


Delezzia said...

Let's follow Olsen's lead and vote NO - vote him right out of office!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please list 5 good Democratic candidates from CD22?

Hal said...

I'd be happy with a short list of one. One good one, that is.

packeryman said...

Lets vote Olson and Cornyn out. They are part of the reactionary political ideaology of the obstructionist party of NO. Lets support Bill White for Kay Baliey Hutchsion's senate seat. In the primary cross over and vote for Hutchsion to end "photo-op" Perry's reign in Texas. We can come back and vote for a Democrat in the general election. A lot of the far right will stay home if Hutchsion wins the primary. Lets make sure Perry is defeated and this will eliminate any higher political ambitiobs of Perry's. Thank You

Hal said...

I don't agree, Packeryman. I think the ultras will vote for Hutchison in the general election if only to keep a Democrat from gaining the governorship. I'd much rather see Bill White (or any Dem for that matter) face Rick Perry in the general than Hutchison. Kay Bailey has a more moderate voting record that the center right and indies can accept. Perry is out there with the lunatics, something that is a turn-off to the center(or one can hope, anyway).

Marsha said...


In the primary you vote a straight party ticket. You can not split your vote between parties until the General election. We may not have a viable candidate for CD 22 but will have an impressive ticket of well qualified men and women running for most of the local races. We will get Just Say No Olson in 2012.

Delezzia said...

Perry needs to go along with Olsen and Cornyn. Can you say term limits? So sick of all of them.

sarah said...

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