Saturday, September 05, 2009

Let’s Boycott Whole Foods

Whole Foods, an upscale grocery store chain, sells natural and organically grown foods. They sell arugula and orzo. They sell quinoa and kasha. In short, they cater to those with discerning and exotic tastes.

People who are adventuresome by habit, socially aware, and dietetically discerning.

In short, they cater to the left.

The brainchild of John Mackey who, in 1978, founded the first Whole Foods store in the island of liberalism in Texas known as Austin, Whole Foods has gone stratospheric with 270 stores now found nationwide and in the UK.

Sounds like a great place to shop, right? Well I am going along with a nationwide call to boycott Whole Foods. Boycott Whole Foods because its founder, James Mackey, wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago saying that “the Public Option” was going to damage our country. Mackey opted for ideas being promoted by neoconservatives and teabaggers: less government, competition across state lines (for that, read repeal of state and local regulation of the healthcare industry), and repeal of government regulations on the healthcare industry.

Deregulation of an industry that is now rampantly ripping off the public like there was no tomorrow.

Mackey, it seems, in thirty years’ time, has gone from an organic food guru to a money-grubbing, teabagging, free market industrial magnate.

Boycott Whole Foods because the teabaggers are instituting a “buycott.”

Yes, they made up another word.

This word dictates that teabaggers and anyone against the communist plot known as “Obamacare” should do all of their shopping at Whole Foods.

A concept that puts all kinds of weird scenarios in my mind.

Like seeing a guy in a “Caterpillar” hat and overalls walking up and down the Whole Foods aisles looking for Cheez Whiz or Velveeta, whichever he can find first.

Like the church lady looking high and low for Decaf huckleberry coffee.

Like the tax-dodging doublewide dweller looking for his favorite Queenella brand of chitlins.

Somehow, I have my doubts about the success of a “buycott.”

But I do not have doubts on the success of a Whole Foods boycott.

Their stuff is too darned expensive, anyway.

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Marsha said...

I've been there twice and not spent a dime. I did receive some things a couple times and did eat them. Shopping there is not something I enjoy. Their prices are outrageos for stuff that have an Orgnic sign on them but little can be proven that they are.

A national TV medical program claimed that Organic is no more healthy than produce at the local market, it might be just a little fresher.

If I want fresh I grow it or buy it from one of two Farmers Market, Pavlocks on Hwy 36 W, or the one on FM 359. Look for the Wild West sign. They are a heck of a lot cheaper and FRESH.