Sunday, April 04, 2010

Early Vote in the Runoffs Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 5th is the beginning of early voting in the Democratic primary runoff elections. Here are the non-county races at stake across the state:

US Congress:

CD-14: Robert Pruett, who received 6,863 votes or 41.59% faces off with Winston Cochran who polled at 5,107 votes or 31.07%.

Texas House:

HD-76: Norma Chavez the incumbent was slightly outpolled by Naomi Gonzalez, 3,988 (46.15%) to 4124 (47.72%). This one is going to be a squeaker. Anyone have a quarter?

Outside of the ballot process we still have the Al Edwards/Borris Miles HD 146 race still up in the air. Miles won by 8 votes in the recount but Edwards is continuing to challenge the results. And no wonder. The winner wins in November as HD 146 drew no Republican opponent.

Other than that it is down to county races.

In Fort Bend County the only unsettled race is for Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 1, Place 2, between Aurelia Moore who received 1,035 votes (37.75%) and some other guy who came out slightly better with 1,086 votes (39.61%). The winner will run against either incumbent Judge Gary Geick or his primary challenger who has run in anticipation of his early incapacitation, and who has called on him to retire because of his debilitating illness, which it is said, has been very painful for him.

Jesus help us all.

In neighboring Harris County we have a healthy competition for four District Judge races and one Justice of the Peace race. It’s really nice to be living next door to a county that not only has a Democratic majority, but where there is healthy competition for offices.

One can only hope that one day it rubs off here in Houston’s southwest bedroom.

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