Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healey Wins in a Squeaker

Well, you Republicans couldn’t be trusted, could you? You allowed what is probably the most embarrassing District Attorney in a long, long time to retain his office for another four years.

At 10:44 PM it became abundantly clear that Incumbent DA John Healey pulled a fast one and narrowly defeated Nina Schaefer by 6,543to 6,047 votes (51.85% to 48.15%).

There is only one thing that I can say to express my feelings of disgust and dismay over my neighbors unwillingness to get up off their collective behinds and get down there in the same numbers they showed in March (53% opposed to another Healey term in the March primary).

No, wait, Homer Simpson says it so much better:


Anonymous said...

Well you can't accuse our bunch of not doing anything half. We knocked right up until the end. Of course glitches and all seem to happen every cycle now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it Nina! Try again in 4.

Anonymous said...

Healey is obviously vulnerable with that 53% that voted against him in the primary. More voted against him than participated in the run-off.