Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Farney Trounces Russell

Geez, it wasn’t even close. Primary voting Republicans, no wait, Primary runoff-voting Republicans, those who I consider the True Believers, turned out in force to the tune of 37,824 voters (in 16 counties - roughly less than 5% of all voters in the district) and saw the wisdom of not nominating another home-schooling young Earth creationist to run against Judy Jennings, the Democratic nominee for Texas State Board of Education in District 10.

Here is an excerpt from her victory message on her website:
I want to reach out to those who supported my opponent and assure you that it is our desire to focus on what unites us in our conservative beliefs and values rather than any difference of opinion we had in the primary election. We must move forward and unite as conservative Republicans so we can soundly defeat the Democrats in the general election this November.”
Now I prayed to Jesus Christ Himself to please let Brian Russell, His humble servant, win this race. What better contrast to offer the voters in November: they could have had a choice between Jennings, a real educator who has real concerns about Texas education, and Russell, a businessman (lawyer) who home-schools his own children because not to do so would be tantamount to child abuse. I would have loved that race.

I am sure that Jennings was looking forward to that fight, too.

But alas, Jesus did not listen to me, and that’s OK because sometimes I don’t listen to Him either.

Especially when He tells me that I have to hate the gays and all illegal aliens.

Or His surrogates tell me that, anyway. And they say that they speak for Him, so who am I to judge.

So now it’s time to focus our attention on why Marsha Farney believes that being graded as “100% pro-life” by some group that favors big government intervention in the personal biological function of every woman on Earth, why that uniquely qualifies her to make decisions about the education of our children.

And other stuff as we edge our way toward November.


Marsha said...


Is Farney a teacher or just another one of JJ's "Bells of Heaven"? Judy Jennings is a honest to goodness, real live, true to her education teacher. There will be a little fight because by comparison it is like the difference between Sunny days and Cold Stormy nights.

Jon said...

Please support the people who will make education the priority for the SBOE, not partisan politics: