Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Naming a New Supreme: No Holds Barred

It’s like a broken record, isn’t it? On healthcare you heard Republicans ready, willing and able to listen to any and all arguments and then cast their vote on the merits, or demerits of the bill.

So when Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress whittled, and whittled down the healthcare reform bill to resemble that which is the law of the land in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, Governor, they STILL to a man and woman voted against the bill.

Expect nothing less from Republicans as we head into the election season with a Supreme Court Justice to nominate. A Supreme Court Justice to replace who is arguably the most liberal Justice presently sitting on the Court.

Right now you are hearing Republican senators making it all sweetness and light about being fair and balanced in the confirmation process.

Expect that all to change.

Republicans have nothing to lose in making it look like an impossibility for Democrats to run the federal government, especially in an election year. All they have to do is delay, delay, delay, and then filibuster on the weakest of pretenses. People are lapping up the pabulum that they are dishing out indiscriminately.

The best thing to do, then, is to nominate the best man or woman for the job. Not the best man or woman you think the Republicans won't dissolve into apoplectic fits over.

That's just a given.

Stuart Carlson has it exact.

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