Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alan Simpson Working for “The Lesser People” on Social Security

Fire Dog Lake has an eight-minute hallway interview with former Republican Senator Alan Simpson of Colorado in a You Tube video that they have uploaded there. An interview conducted as he exited a meeting of the recently assembled Debt Commission of which he is co-chairman, having been given that honor by President Barack Obama.

It is the beginning of the clip that renders the most suspension of belief. At the very beginning of the clip, Alan Simpson is caught on camera as characterizing recipients of Social Security benefits as “the lesser people.”

Fire Dog Lake is fair-minded in their attempt to show Simpson making reasoned arguments in the time after which he leveled these insulting remarks at all retired Americans. However my aim is to focus in on Simpson’s obvious disdain for those of us who depend on our earned and deserved social security payments.

His disdain for “the lesser people.”

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