Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Texas SBOE District 10: Marsha Who?

Today the Texas Democratic Party sent a message to all of us about Judy Jennings’ sometime opponent in her race for a seat on the Texas State Board of Education.

Something to the effect of: Marsha Who?

That is, since July 3rd, when Marsha Farney (oh yeah, Farney) addressed a crowd of Teabaggers and expressed her relief that she was before them and not a bunch of America-bashing Democrats.

To wit:

“I'd rather be here than with those America-bashing Democrats.”
But since then, and the feces storm that ensued, no one has seen neither hide nor big hair of Dr. Farney. The Houston Chronicle admits that they were rebuffed from getting an interview, nor have they received any explanation of her July 3rd remark despite repeated quests via email or phone.

“She has not responded to e-mails or phone calls spread out over the past few days”
Judy Jennings, her opponent in the election was unabashedly taken aback by the whole thing, and asked for her take on the remark offered this:

“‘I guess she believes that anyone who's a Democrat is an America- basher, which maybe means that we don't love our country as much as others do who aren't Democrats,’ Jennings says. ‘I don't know what else it could mean.’”
To which I say, how about this? How about that Marsha Farney is just as rightwing and just as politicized as the board member that she hopes to replace, Cynthia Dunbar. How about that Marsha Farney, upon seeing the recent poll taken across the political spectrum, revealed that Texans oppose the politicizing of Texas educational policies to the tune of 72% opposed, has taken a dive for cover?

How about the fact that Marsha Farney, who proudly displays the banner “100% Pro Life Answers” on the home page of her campaign website, uses the issue of Abortion Rights as a litmus test to attract social conservatives to her cause?

In her most recent statement, Judy Jennings has been on point and on the nose in characterizing Marsha Farney as just another political hack that wants to have her reactionary neoconservative way with the Texas school curriculum.

“‘For weeks I have called on Farney to explain to Texas families whether she would join those already on the SBOE in ignoring the advice of teachers and experts, by continuing to push hyper-partisan ideology on our school children., For weeks she has remained silent. Now that she's proven the extent to which she will pander to a fringe element, she has quickly returned to her 'undisclosed location' and refuses to answer any questions, in hopes that Texans won't notice,’ Jennings said.”

“‘I have been clear from the start. When I am elected to the State Board of Education, I will not inflict ideology on the schoolchildren of Texas. Instead, I will listen to the advice of experts and teachers, and will remain focused on the task at hand - providing our Texas children with a world-class education,’ Jennings said.”

“‘Shamefully, it's now clear that we cannot expect the same from Marsha Farney.’”
I know times are tough. I have had to contend with some unexpected expenditures this summer, too. But it’s worth a $5 or a $10 donation to the Jennings campaign to get her message out to the sprawling District 10 electorate that extends from Houston to Austin.

It’s time to take back our educational system from the political hacks. It’s time to support Judy Jennings in an uphill but winnable battle to retake District 10.

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