Friday, July 02, 2010

Texas Teens: Hang Up and Drive

The story that follows reminds me of one of my most favorite jokes.

Q: What is the most common thing a person says immediately after being in an auto accident?

A: "I have to hang up now."

So what reminded me of this joke today? This story at KXAN’s (Austin) website.  
“In September of last year, the Texas Legislature (passed a law wherein) drivers under 18 can no longer use any wireless communication device while driving. That means talking and texting are out.”
“The restriction only applies to licenses issued after September 1, 2009. If you get caught, it is a class C misdemeanor and might mean a hefty fine.”
The bill was HB 2730 by Lois Kolkorst (R - Brenham). The new rule was deeply buried in and among other matters in the bill dealing with the Department of Public Safety. So the law is unheralded and unknown to most, and given the fact that teens and their wireless communications devices are as inseparable as white and rice, this should make for some interesting times should anyone decide to vigorously enforce this new law.

In truth, this law is both a grand idea and so completely contra-cultural to today’s teens that I truly have my doubts that it will be enforced at all, unless the teen in question gets in an accident.

Rendering accident prevention that is the purpose of the law completely undone.

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