Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rick Perry: I See Nothing

Imagine that. Rick Perry had no knowledge that not one, not two, but three of his current or former campaign operatives/chief of staff had dabbled in some scurrilous politics when they arranged for money to fund and/or engineered the collection of signatures so that the Green Party could appear on the November ballot.

He knows nothing about it. He sees nothing.

“GOP Gov. Rick Perry, asked today at what point he learned about the efforts of some Republicans to get the Green Party on the ballot, said: ‘I have no knowledge of that at all.’”

Funny the verb tense he used, “have” instead of “had.” It’s as if the things that the reporters were telling him about his former campaign workers, and a former chief of staff were things that he had not heard of at all.

It is as if Rick Perry’s brain is a tabula rasa, something that contains no knowledge at all of past or present events in this matter.

It reminds me of my favorite television character from the 1960’s comedy series, “Hogan’s Heroes.” Sergeant Schultz, upon being presented with clear evidence of wrongdoing would utter his famous tagline “I see nothing . . .”

Present tense.

Common thread? They both look like buffoons.

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bob said...

Tabula rasa: "a supposed condition that empiricists attribute to the human mind before ideas have been imprinted on it by the reaction of the senses to the external world of objects."

Gov. Rick has been an object in the external world for decades, yet miraculously, I would say, he does indeed maintain a certain brand of tabula rasa.

I envision a Zazzle T-shirt with a WikiMedia photo of the Swell Governor emblazoned on a pink shirt with an arcing Tabula Rosa logo.