Friday, July 16, 2010

Bill White Campaign a Money Magnet?

I never thought I would live to see it. The January-June 2010 TEC filings are in and the totals show that Bill White’s campaign out-competed the Republican money machine that is the campaign to re-elect Rick Perry by three millions of dollars.

In their news release, White spokesperson Katy Bacon reports that in the 6-month filing period Bill White has become the money magnet that brought over 16,000 individual contributions that totaled just over $7.4 million. 75% of these donations were for $100 or less. 11,700 of these supporters, representing 73% of all of White’s donors, are brand new to the campaign donation scene.

The other 25% of White’s donors are the high-roller and PAC donations that are part and parcel of Texas politics. And yes, as a true believer in grassroots campaigns, I wish it were different, but Republicans wrote the rules here. The rules that they have recently written in Texas Limestone say that you can’t get your message out to Texas, with its 5 major mass media markets, unless you have the wherewithal to get that done.

This brings the Bill White Campaign fund total to a cool $9 million in wherewithal.

And according to the totals I have heard about, Bill White with his $9 million in campaign cash on hand has outstripped Rick Perry’s $6 million total cash on hand.

A table turner if there ever was one.

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