Saturday, July 31, 2010

How White People are Going to Take Back “Their” Country

I love it when Teabaggers others of their ilk, like this old Southern white man, open their mouths to say what is on their fevered minds, don’t you?

Hilarity Notice: Some portions of this video may cause you to burst out in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

Now I didn’t pull a “Breitbart” or is it a “Sherrod” and selectively edit this video clip. I lopped off the portion at the end that advertises their website, but that is all. What you see is what I got via email yesterday.

It is my fervent hope that we get more of this kind of footage as the next two years go by. We need a guy likie this to talk down to those of us (so we can understand him) liberals and progressives to realize what is really at stake here. White people like this want to take America back – for them - and are delusional enough to think they can do this by trash-talking everyone else.

Thank you, Huckleberry, for making that video. For doing something that can only be described as the ultra-right wing’s best argument against itself.

UPDATE: Were you as dumbfounded at the last sentence as I was? If you were I have an answer for you. That is a quote from the recent western movie “Tombstone.” One that I haven’t ever seen. It refers to the character Doc Holliday, played in the movie by Val Kilmer, who volunteers to kill a guy named “Ringo.”

So yeah, like Sharron Angle’s proposal of a “2nd Amendment solution” for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, this was a veiled threat of assassination of the President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

That horrible "white" man makes me want to be purple!

Loulou La Poule said...

Child, that idiot honky is the best reason I ever saw to hustle on down to the local Democratic Headquarters and say, "Where do you want me today and what do you need done?"

Got to repost it and will give you credit for the find!

Anonymous said...

This white guy is only one of a few pissed off that is willing to do what is necessary for the better of the country not the better of ignorant niggers jews and leaching spics you all poke fun but u better watch your back the great white race will take back what's ours and get rid of lazy niggers living off our paychecks. The great nigger in office called obama is killing you people and you're too stupid to even notice

Hal said...

Oh Baby Jesus. I love it how You have revealed to me that the unbegotten NAZI,racist,Neanderthals of our human race still walk among us.

"This White Guy," you are leaving a remark on a blog that is 3 years old. What does that make you? 3 years behind, but that is just the beginning. You have no idea.

I moderated your post only because I wanted my readers to know that you people still exist. Hateful people who have no moral compass whatsoever.

St. Peter will surely bar your hateful entrance to a haven that you have grown to expect. Lucifer will grandly invite you into his realm. Happy Afterlife.