Monday, July 26, 2010

Congressman Al Green: Shirley Sherrod “Received a Raw Deal”

I guess before we let the Fox/Breitbart Shirley Sherrod defamation scheme fade into the news of last week, as it already seems to be doing, I thought people should hear what Congressman Al Green had to say on the matter.

Green spoke to what we have all been thinking. The Obama Administration, as with the NAACP, acted too quickly to condemn Ms. Sherrod, but upon seeing their respective errors, both were quick to reverse themselves and acknowledge that they had made a huge mistake. They did. But imagine anyone in the Bush government doing anything like that. Not only did that not ever happen, it has not yet happened.

As a matter of fact, Republicans are now revealing that should they regain power in congress the failed agenda of the Bush administration will be carried out anew.

Not a pleasant thought.

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