Sunday, July 04, 2010

White Debates Libertarian Tomorrow; Perry Keeps on Cluckin’

Today, Independence Day, is a day to relax with family and barbecue. Maybe watch a fireworks display, maybe have one of your own if it’s OK, or if John Law ain’t watchin’. But tomorrow, still a holiday for some, it will be back to pounding the campaign trail for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White.

Tomorrow is the first gubernatorial debate, to be held in Kerrville.

A debate between Bill White and Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass.

But no Rick Perry.

No Rick Perry because Bill White hasn’t complied with all of Rick Perry’s demands on financial disclosure.

Funny how that goes.

Funny, because it is abundantly clear that Bill White, as a private sector businessman has done far better than Rick Perry has done as a career politician. On paper anyway. No, the only real thing that Bill White’s financial disclosure tells voters is that Bill White doesn’t need to gain the governor’s office so he can get rich.

He already is.

No, it’s all just stuff and nonsense, isn’t it? Rick Perry won’t debate Bill White because he and his handlers know how poorly he would do if he had to speak extemporaneously – without, that is, prepared remarks and no Chuck Norris standing next to him.

Perry knows that the very thing that voters really wanted to see in 2008 was a debate between Barack Obama and George W. John McCain did an awful enough job in that, but what voters really needed to see was the contrast between what they had and what they were going to have. But here and now, we have that opportunity, don’t we? Texas voters have the right to compare their choices side-by-side, just so they can see what they have now, versus what they could have in 2011.

Rick Perry, or more properly, Perry’s handlers, know this.

Libertarian Kathie Glass is every bit as frustrating an opponent as you will get in any Libertarian opponent. Arguably the Libertarian and Republican platforms track one another the most, but then they are sometimes wildly divergent, where Libertarians support things that only the most liberal of Democrats are in favor of.

So while tomorrow’s debate should be an interesting one, make no mistake that Perry’s absence from the room will no doubt change the dynamics of the discussion.

It may also spur an increase in sales of “chicken suits.”

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