Friday, July 02, 2010

The Green Party Needs a New Logo

Don’t you think?

I mean, after all, I didn’t really know what the logo of the Green Party actually was until today when I looked it up.
Here is their logo at the left.

See? It’s not an animal like the D’s and R’s. Obviously, if you are going to name your party after a color, a color whose wavelength is in the range of about 510 nanometers, your logo might want to be in the arena of vegetables, not animals.

But here’s the problem. The logo looks strikingly like that of British Petroleum, doesn’t it? They had another logo, a “BP” inside a green shield but they changed it awhile back.

I didn’t notice when they did that.

So The Green Party and British Petroleum have very similar logos and I think the Green Party might want to reconsider theirs now that BP has committed one of the greatest ecological disasters in all of history (I still think that when the Russians killed the Aral Sea, that was worse).

I have a modest suggestion. Now that the Green Party has become a subset of the Republican Party in that it was through the cash provided by Republican operatives that the Greens of Texas are able to get certified on the November ballot, a deal that was sanctioned today by the nine Republican justices on the Texas Supreme Court, they need a logo that now better reflects their party and their values.

Long green.


JJR said...

BP chose it's logo to ape the Green Party; not the other way around.

It was all part of BP's P.R. greenwashing campaign "Beyond Petroleum".

The GP logo is an abstracted Sunflower. Green Parties have also used more realistic depictions of the sunflower as well; perhaps they should go back to it.

The Greens in Germany in the 1970s used to block nuclear plant construction and raise all kinds of havoc, but today they're totally mainstreamed and some of their members even support the German contribution to war effort in Afghanistan! Which is crazy, I don't know how they get around the Grundgesetz on that one, but there you go.

I'd have a lot more respect for the US Greens if they were more like the German Grünen of 1970s yore. I'm dismayed when they accept funds from GOP sources. Another Branch of the GOP is the tea baggers and some Libertarians, although in races where it's a Libertarian versus a GOPer, I hold my nose and vote for the Libertarian every time.

We need instant runoff voting to cancel out the "spoiler effect" that benefits Republicans. Also, having more Libertarians on the ballot would draw votes away from GOP'ers, especially the social conservative jackasses. Both major parties collude to keep out 3rd and 4th parties in ways that are nothing short of shameful.

gulftangofox said...

The BP, er I mean the Green Party logo in New York State is even closer in resemblance to BP. It is not the yellow spiral as above but has a white center to boot. A green party candidate just had his kick-off party last night at his restaurant across the street from where I live. The logo was on posters on the window. I do like sunflowers. They can clean nuclear contamination from ponds (using hydroponic rafts). I did see a green logo that showed an earth enclosed in a flower, two toned green. Why can't they use that, or is BP influencing the design $$$$$$$$$?????