Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Betty Baitland is Back

FortBendNow is reporting that Stafford Municipal School District, a district that borders Fort Bend ISD (and was once a part of it) has hired Fort Bend ISD’s former superintendent, Dr. Betty Baitland, as its interim superintendent.

Dr. Baitland was ousted by a reactionary neoconservative school board in 2006. That was, you might already know, the last year that Fort Bend ISD had a budget that ran in the black. Deficit spending became the norm after Dr. Baitland left and the school board started firing cannon shells into the deck.

Stafford Municipal School District isn’t short on the smarts. It removed itself from Fort Bend ISD when school children living within Stafford city limits kept getting the short shrift even though the city, with its heavy industry presence and lucrative tax base, contributed mightily to the district’s coffers.

And now they have taken advantage of Fort Bend ISD’s short-sightedness again.

Have to say it again. I love irony.

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