Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Half Empty Hump Day Black Humor

A friend sent me a very timely joke via email today. It was so bittersweet that I had to laugh out loud when I read it. You might have gotten it in your email inbox, too. In that case, you know that we have a mutual friend.

This is my rendition of the joke:

A teacher, a taxpayer and a CEO were sitting at a table at a Chinese buffet. Upon finishing their repast the waiter brought a plate of those Chinese fortune cookies, twelve in all. Immediately the CEO grabbed eleven of them and stuffed them in his pockets. When his tablemates saw that there was just one fortune cookie on the plate for the three of them the CEO looked at the taxpayer and angrily pointed to the teacher and said: "Hey, that guy just took your fortune cookie!"

The irony is that the joke wouldn't even be funny if it weren't so true.

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