Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rally for Texas Schools is on Saturday

Doing anything tomorrow? Want to let the state government know about how much you hate it that they are planning at this writing to dismantle the public education system in Texas? Why not take a trip to Austin tomorrow morning and join the thousands of parents, teachers students and concerned citizens who think just like you?

Check out the information at the Save Texas Schools website.

Here’s the list people speaking at the rally.

The last time I was at a protest rally where there were thousands of people there, we were fighting an illegal and immoral war and the stakes for me, personally, were a little high because I was cannon fodder at the time.

The stakes are high again, but this time not so much for me. They are high for the future of public education in Texas. If the legislature goes through with its plans to cut education funding down to the bone, I’m afraid that people will start flocking to private schools so their kids will get a decent education.

Which is exactly what some of our legislators want to have happen anyway.

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