Sunday, March 13, 2011

John Kuhn Reads his “Alamo Schools Letter”

A whole string of speakers made it to the microphone at yesterday’s “Save Our Schools” protest rally at the state capitol building. I have to say that I didn’t know much about them and had never heard of them before. Not so John Kuhn.

Now while John Kuhn is not really a household name either, I had heard of him. I heard of him when his “Alamo Schools Letter” was published about a month ago.

John Kuhn, who is the superintendent at Perrin-Whitt Consolidated ISD wrote an open letter to his state legislators last month as news was coming out about what is being planned for Texas school funding in this years legislative session. Plans that could just spell the end of public education in Texas.

Based loosely on William Barrett Travis’ plea for help written just days before the fall of the Alamo, Kuhn’s letter is just as impassioned as Travis’. But what is better is that this letter is not the full measure of this school superintendent. At the rally, he preceded his reading of his letter with 7 or 8 minutes of what can arguably be called the best speech of the day, bar none.

And I got it all on video.

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Jared said...

I am actually a former student of Mr. John Kuhn's and I have to say that it makes me proud to know that my former school principal is fighting for us students. John Kuhn, keep doing what you are doing, and making us proud at Mineral Wells High School.